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The Hopeless Case of Mr. Cash

When my daughters were young, we always read stories at bedtime. Sometimes, we’d put the books aside and make up original stories to tell to each other.  Often, they were fantastical stories that usually involved princesses and distant lands made … Continue reading

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When the Kids are Away, The Parents will, um…. Sleep

When the Kids are Away, The Parents will, um…. Sleep by Cindy Haney Well, there’s a first time for everything, right?  This week is one of those Firsts.  It’s the first time ever that both of my teen-aged daughters went … Continue reading

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Falling Down the Rabbit Hole of What-the-Crapness

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole of What-the-Crapness by Cindy Haney Life is stupid.  Life always seems to find creative ways of throwing metaphorical tire-spewed mud water at your head on the same day you just had your metaphorical hair done.  … Continue reading

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Chicken Cutlets at the Prom – The Sequel

Well, it’s that time of year again. Prom season.  Amanda got asked to the prom again this year, so I thought it would be fun to re-visit my first story about prom.  Last year, the experience was brand new for … Continue reading

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The Owner’s Manual for Teenaged Daughters

The Owner’s Manual for Teenaged Daughters by Cindy Haney Why hasn’t anyone out there published a guide book for raising teen girls?  You know, like back when we were pregnant, we had the ever popular “What to Expect When You’re … Continue reading

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Confessions from Prison

Confessions from Prison by Cindy Haney I have a confession to make.  I’ve hated almost every job I’ve ever held. Ok, maybe hate is too strong of a word.  I have felt deep resentment and frustration, and alright HATE, towards … Continue reading

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Signs that I’m Secretly an Old Lady

Signs that I’m Secretly an Old Lady by Cindy Haney I may not be elderly in years yet, but I’m fairly certain there’s a crabby old lady living a not-so-secret life inside of me.  They say age is only a … Continue reading

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