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Travel is a lot of fun until somebody winds up dead in the TSA line.

TSA Lines are so long that…  well, you know. by Cindy Haney This morning on the way to work, I heard a report on the radio that the TSA in our nation’s airports are purposely delaying travelers at check-in and … Continue reading

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Falling Down the Rabbit Hole of What-the-Crapness

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole of What-the-Crapness by Cindy Haney Life is stupid.  Life always seems to find creative ways of throwing metaphorical tire-spewed mud water at your head on the same day you just had your metaphorical hair done.  … Continue reading

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Teaching My Teen to Drive: Not as Much Fun as it Sounds

Teaching My Teen to Drive:  Not as Much Fun as it Sounds by Cindy Haney Do you remember the first time you got behind the steering wheel of a car? For some of us, it was the scariest time of … Continue reading

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Signs that I’m Secretly an Old Lady

Signs that I’m Secretly an Old Lady by Cindy Haney I may not be elderly in years yet, but I’m fairly certain there’s a crabby old lady living a not-so-secret life inside of me.  They say age is only a … Continue reading

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Welcoming Spring with Some Irrational Fears

Welcoming Spring with Some Irrational Fears by Cindy Haney I took a small break from blogging because, basically, I’ve been too busy freaking out.  I have A LOT to freak out about, people, so give me a break.  Much has … Continue reading

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I Refuse to Take Any More of Your Stupid Drugs

I Refuse to Take Any More of Your Stupid Drugs by Cindy Haney Now that it is a brand new year, we should all resolve to take better care of ourselves, which includes going to the doctor.  Especially us harried … Continue reading

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And the Award for The Most Awesome Parents goes to…

Dear Parents of My Daughter’s Best Friend: As you know, I consider your daughter just like my third daughter.  She’s been hanging around my house since almost as long as I can remember, and eating my food and stuff, so … Continue reading

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